Joint statement from Furze Platt Senior School and Summerleaze in response to RBWM Full Council meeting on 26 June

Summerleaze and Furze Platt Senior School, whilst hearing the concerns of the petitioners, are pleased that the Council has agreed to consider the proposal as part of the process of preparing the Local Plan. The democratic process of forming the Borough Local Plan will enable all stakeholders to have a voice in deciding the future extent of development in RBWM and in particular North Maidenhead.

Our partnership proposal will create a first class community campus for North Maidenhead, at the same time as bringing much-needed new housing to the area.  Everything that parents currently expect from Furze Platt Senior School will remain; the excellent educational standards, the admissions arrangements and the commitment of its teachers.  The campus will also offer additional educational and community benefits, for students, their families, the local community and sports groups looking for places to play, learn and meet. We will also encourage a rich variety of partnerships and joint projects, so that the new campus becomes a hub for North Maidenhead, with activities and experiences that offer something for all interests and all ages.

The proposal is bold and ambitious, and with two committed partners we believe it is achievable. We very much hope that eventual inclusion into the Borough Local Plan will allow us to make this vision a reality.