Executive Summary of Submission to Borough Local plan consultation


Summerleaze have proposed Spencers Farm as an area where new homes could be built and have identified that by relocating Furze Platt Senior School to a much needed new community campus on Spencers Farm, the current FPSS site could be made available for new homes. This would provide circa 380 sustainable homes which would be built to high environmental standards incorporating features such as a district heating system and rainwater recycling.

The Spencers Farm proposal includes the construction of a new community campus for Furze Platt Senior School, improved sporting, cultural and vocational educational facilities, together with circa 320 sustainable homes providing the basis of new or extended communities. These homes, together with those at the FPSS site, will enable the funding of the school at no cost to the public purse.

Summerleaze identifies that the current Green Belt is a major constraint to the early stages of the development of the Local Plan and a limited review of the Green Belt is essential if the aims of the Plan are to be achieved. This review is not only necessary to find potential new housing and employment developments but also for other important community-orientated land uses such as education and sport.

Adopting a policy of no let loss of Green Belt would assist in enabling this review of Green Belt and we suggest ways in which this may be achieved whilst maintaining the role of the Green Belt into the future.

The submission concludes that the primary direction of future growth for homes in Maidenhead should be to the North of Maidenhead whilst always ensuring that the strategic gap between Maidenhead and Cookham remains. We believe that the Spencers Farm development is a location which would meet this requirement.

The relocation of the school would be rightly treated as a one of the Council’s core projects in performing its role as a Big Society Vanguard Community and it offers significant scope to bring community benefits together with Local Plan and future growth aspirations under one scheme.